How To Bronze Baby Shoes

Learning how to bronze baby shoes will enable you to treasure your child's first steps forever. The art of bronzing your baby's first pair of shoes has been around since the 1930's. Iif you master the technical skills of bronzing baby shoes, you can even offer this service to others!

To learn how to bronze baby shoes, you will need:

  • Baby shoes
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Bronze powder
  • Fast-drying spar varnish
  • Camel hair brush
  • Base primer
  • Rubber cement
  • Bucket or other container
  1. Clean the shoes very thoroughly with a cloth dipped in the denatured alcohol. Be sure to get deep into every crack and crevice. The goal here is to not only remove dirt, but also any shoe polish or wax, as that may interfere with the bronze adhering to the shoe.
  2. Hang the shoes to dry completely. Preparing the baby shoes properly is a very important part of learning how to bronze baby shoes successfully.
  3. After the shoes have dried completely, decide how you want the laces to lay. You will then need to secure them with a little rubber cement and let dry completely. This makes your finished product look more professional as you learn to bronze baby shoes.
  4. Make two small holes in the bottom of each shoe and thread a string through them. This step allows you to hang the shoes for drying.
  5. To bronze baby shoes properly, you first need to coat them with a base primer. This will give the bronze a good surface to adhere to. If you only have one camel hair brush, clean it thoroughly after applying the base primer. Hang the shoes and allow the base primer to dry completely before moving on.
  6. Mix the bronze powder with the fast-drying spar varnish in a bucket until you have a paint-like consistency. Make sure you stir well and often to prevent the bronze powder from settling to the bottom. You can find bronze powder at any large hardware store.
  7. Paint the bronzing mixture onto the baby shoes, completely coating them inside and out. Hang the shoes to dry completely. If, after drying, you see dull spots, you will need more coats. Learning how to bronze baby shoes may require a lot of patience, but the beautiful keepsake you create is well worth the effort.


  • If you want the shoes to be extremely rigid, you can mix up some plaster and fill the shoes up to 1/2 inch from the top of the shoe. The plaster will need several days to harden before the bronzing process.
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