How To Build A 6 Foot Satellite Dish

If you're serious about your home television set, then you should know how to build a 6 foot satellite dish. The global demand for satellite dishes is increasing day by day, because million dollar satellite transmission units are useless without them. 

To build a six foot satellite dish, you will need:

  • Metal tubing
  • Metal sheeting
  • Cutting saw (metal)
  • Welding machine
  • LNBF
  • Inch tape
  • Two thin metal rods(ten inches long)

To construct a six foot satellite dish, you first have to construct a three foot tall tripod stand:

  1. To construct the tripod, metal tubing is used. Place two pieces of tubing in a triangle shape three feet tall and weld them together.
  2. Place the tubing vertically and weld on a support bar sticking out to the ground for stability. Weld the bar on. Add a hinge available at any hardware store and weld this on the top of your tripod stand.
  3. To make the six foot satellite dish and its reflector (the concave metal sheet), it is advisable to purchase a square steel sheet that is six feet across. The corners are rounded off with a metal cutter to create a circular sheet. Locate its axis and cut a small four inch diameter circle.
  4. The next step in making a six foot satellite dish  is to cut a straight piece from the vertex to the outer edge of the metal piece. Cut a piece from the circumference of the hole made earlier. In order to fill the gap a small circular piece of metal is welded, cover the hole cut previously in the middle.
  5. Weld a small piece of metal in the center of the reflector. Weld two thin metal rods to the edges of the middle circular sheet between the rods, and attach the LNBF.
  6. To finish your six-foot satellite dish, attach the weights to the base of the tripod stand. Paint the satellite dish to make it more appealing. To get the six-foot height, rotate the reflector vertically and you will have a ready to use homemade six foot tall satellite dish.
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