How To Build And Fly Electric Model Aircraft

Learn how to build and fly an electric model aircraft, from beginning to end. Flying your own electric radio controlled airplanes can be a great hobby, and a great way to experience flying. As you increase your skills, you can buy and fly larger and more complex aircraft. There are many different styles of RC aircraft you can purchase, depending on your budget.

Here are the supplies you will need for building and flying your own aircraft kit:

  • Model aircraft kit-choose a model which specifically states that it is meant for beginners
  • Model aircraft building supplies: adhesive glue (epoxy), fasteners, paint, sanding paper


  1. Select the RC Model you wish to build. When you are building your first RC model, be sure to choose a model that is not too expensive. There is a fairly good chance that most beginners will crash while learning how to fly their electric model aircraft. Beginner airplane kits usually have a minimal number of control surfaces, to make learning easier. Beginner electric model aircraft are more stable to fly.
  2. Build your physical electric model aircraft. Be sure not to rush when you're assembling your aircraft. Keep in mind to repeat instructions thoroughly, as it is not very easy to separate bonded material. Make sure you have a clean working surface, and devote plenty of time.
  3. Inspect the quality of your workmanship. Make sure you double check against the instructions, to make sure you have correctly assembled your aircraft. Check and make sure all parts are tightly bonded. Before your flight for the very first time, you should operate your aircraft on the ground. Check and verify that the remote control properly communicate with your airplane.
  4. Learn to fly your RC plane.  While flying lessons are not mandatory, they are highly recommended. Check with your local RC flying club, as they will most likely be able to recommend a suitable instructor. Using an instructor is a great way to get through the initial learning curve of flying electric airplanes.
  5. Select a proper location for your inaugural model aircraft flight. Be sure to select an area which is extremely large and flat for flying your RC electric plane. Keep in mind that you may need permission, if you do not own the land you wish to fly your plane from. Once you have the proper location in mind, set up an appointment with your RC aircraft flight instructor. Meet your instructor at the flight location, and be ready for your first lesson on how to fly the electric model aircraft.
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