How To Build Archery Hunting Blinds

If you have ever thought about how to build an archery hunting blind, then here are a few tips that may help get you started.  Archery hunting blinds can be made out of just about anything, but effective blind construction often requires concealment and good location.  Here is how to incorporate these conditions into building your archery hunting blind as well as tips on how to build it. 

Here is a list of items you may want to have available.

  • A pair of hand clippers or machete
  • A role of Jute Twine
  1. Your first step in building a archery hunting blind is to select a location.  Sometimes it is a good idea to select two locations at the same hunting spot so that wind direction can be accommodated for.  In general, pick locations where game trails cross or intersect.  Game funnels (locations that force game into narrow areas) are also a good choice.
  2. Your second step in building a archery hunting blind is to begin construction.  Using the machete cut several saplings about four foot long.  Sharpen one end of them and push them into the ground in a semi-circle at the location of your hunting blind.  They should be about three to four feet apart.
  3. The third step in building the archery hunting blind is to cut some longer saplings.  Cut them six to eight feet long and use the jute twine to tie them around the tops of the poles you pushed into the ground.  Tie a second set about half-way up the poles.
  4. The final step in building the archery hunting blind is to cut lots of debris and vegetation.  Use this vegetation and debris buy wedging it into the frame you just built.  Be sure and build it up extra thick as eventually the thick leaf clutter will die off leaving a skeleton.  Building it thick will ensure a good density of cover.

Some final tips on building the archery hunting blind.  Be sure that you build your blind several weeks in advance to ensure the game animals you are hunting become familiar with them as part of their natural habitat.  Second, be aware that your blinds will require "fluffing" from time to time.  Do this by adding new material to them to keep the archery hunting blind in good working order.

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