How to Build Arm Strength For Baseball

So you are wondering how to build arm strength for baseball. well building arm strength might not be as hard as you think. By following these tips you can build your arm strength up significantly in a matter of four weeks.

  1. To build arm strength in baseball there are the obvious things you can do, and the not so obvious.  We will start you off with an obvious yet still very effective method. You can lift weights. If you have never lifted or your not big on lifting then you are probably thinking of twenty pound weights. Well twenty pound weights are probably going to help you out, but even something as simple as ten pound weights work. a good strategy is when lifting, once you bring your arm halfway up, hold your arm perfectly still for five seconds. The more resistance the faster your arm will bulk up
  2. Stretch your arms! People want to act like stretching does not affect them one way or another, but when building arm strength it is vital. You need to stretch not to be comfortable, but you got to stretch heavily. A good method of stretching is taking your non throwing arm, grab your throwing arm with it, and pull it all the way across your body till you feel the burn. Doing this for ten second reps, three reps per work out will slowly make your arm stronger. This only works when you do it before a long toss.
  3. So now you want to know what a long toss is. We are sure you can make an educated guess as to what it is. When building arm strength an exercise performed by outfielders before every inning in Major League Baseball is the long toss. A long toss is really just a regular catch, except it is longer. You have your limits, everybody knows their own limits. So, when you go your usual distance for a long toss, just take five extra steps back. Eventually you will realize your limits grow as you continue long tossing.
  4. Now for the most important tip when building arm strength. After a while your arm will start hurting right around your shoulder. You might think this is bad and want to stop throwing but it is important that you do not. By continuing to throw what you are doing is improving your durability. You will see that your arm will hurt less and less after a game, and your range will increase more and more. After all you know what they say, you need to feel the burn to know it is working. No workout is easy, if it was everyone would do them

So now you are educated on the facts of how to build arm strength. By following these instructions you will slowly see your range continue to grow.

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