How To Build ATV Tracks

If you have ATV’s and some land you may want to know how to build ATV tracks. An ATV track can be fun for the whole family, friends, and neighbors. ATV tracks are easy to build they just take a little bit of time, energy, and money.

To build ATV tracks, you will need:

  • Property
  • Equipment (dozer, skid loader, backhoe, etc)
  • Layout
  • Chainsaw
  1. The layout. The layout of the ATV track is important to figure out before you get started. If you are dealing with a wooded area you may need to cut down trees and clear roots before you can even get started with the heavy equipment. Your ATV track should be at least eight feet wide, and can contain as many twists and turns as you would like to make the best use of the space available to you.
  2. The digging. Once your layout is ready and the trees have been removed you are ready to dig, push dirt and to build your ATV track. Begin by removing all the tree trunks and roots. The holes left behind can be used for dips in the ATV track. Once you begin grading the track use the excess dirt to build hills and jumps. Use the natural dips and turns to your advantage in your ATV track design.
  3. The ride. Once your ATV track is built it is time to test out the track before returning any of the equipment you rented. Start slowly at first to learn all the dips, turns, and hills. Slowly build up speed on the ATV track and make notes of any changes that need to be made. When you feel your ATV track is exactly what you wanted, return the equipment that you borrowed or rented and start riding. 
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