How To Build A Backyard Ice Rink

If you live in an area that gets very cold winters, you can pass the time during those winter months by learning how to build a backyard ice rink. When you have your own backyard ice rink, you can invite friends over for a skating party or put together an ice hockey game. You will need to wait until the temperatures are consistently below freezing before you get started, and you should stop skating on your rink when puddles start to appear on your ice surface as the weather gets warmer.

Supplies you will need:

  • 12" long metal stakes
  • 1" thick by 12" wide wooden planks
  • 6 mm thick plastic sheeting
  1. Find an area in the backyard. A backyard ice rink can be any size you want. The best kind of spot in your yard for your backyard ice rink is one that is at least ten feet from your house and flat. Do not worry about the ground being bumpy, that will not pose a problem.
  2. Stake out the area. Use the twelve inch metal stakes to outline your backyard ice rink. Be sure you outline the area as a square or rectangle, and space the stakes twelve inches apart. Leave at least six inches of the stake sticking out of the ground.
  3. Set the planks. Set the wooden planks up against the metal stakes, and then use metal stakes on the other side of the planks to hold them in place. This creates the frame of your backyard ice rink.
  4. Lay the plastic. It is best to try and build your backyard ice rink on a day that is not too windy so that your plastic will stay in place as you lay it down. Lay the six millimeter thick plastic on the inside of the backyard ice rink. Make sure the strips of plastic overlap each other, and that they go over the wooden planks.
  5. Fill the rink. Fill the rink with water from a standard garden hose. You should fill it to at least four inches deep, or until all of the bumps in the ground have been covered. Allow the water to freeze for 24 hours.
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