How To Build A Backyard Motocross Track

Maybe you’ve got a dirt bike and you’re ready to learn how to build a backyard motocross track. The concept required to build a backyard motocross track is actually quite simple, but the actual process does take a lot of time and effort. If you can rent a bulldozer and reserve a moderate amount of cash for the entire process, you’ll have a backyard motocross track in no time.

  1. Have enough property and rights. The truth is that it can take a lot of space to build a backyard motocross track that isn’t the size of a swimming pool. Make sure that you’ve got at least an acre of free land to devote to your backyard motocross track. You might want to also check for any land-use restrictions or sections in your deed that prohibit something like a backyard motocross track. Additionally, make sure the neighbors are going to be okay with this.
  2. Design the backyard motocross track on paper first. It will help out immensely if you already have some ideas of what you’d like your track to look like. If you can, make your plans as accurate as possible with grid paper. You can even use a satellite image to make things very accurate.
  3. Make sure that safety is your number one concern. It’s every guy’s dream to have gapped jumps and challenging obstacles to clear in their course, but safety is your number one concern during this process. Make sure that you’ve mapped out an exit and entry point, noted natural obstacles to clear (trees), and designed landing and take-off zones to be angled at 30 degrees and more.
  4. Lay out the land according to your plans. Once you’ve finished the plans, it’s time to prepare your land for the backyard motocross track to make its way in. If you can, put up markers for jumps and turns. Run through the layout to get an idea of how small or big you’ve made your track. Make any necessary modifications.
  5. Rent a bulldozer. It’s not likely that you’ve got a bulldozer parked behind your house, so you’ll need to rent one.
  6. Purchase soil and place it using the bulldozer. You will need soil that can easily pack together to create the jumps for your backyard motocross track. This is where the majority of your expenses will lie (besides renting the bulldozer).
  7. Place fencing if you have to. If you don’t want to create a risk for children that could wander onto your property, put up a fence. It keeps things a lot more safe in the long run (pun intended)!
  8. Have fun with your backyard motocross track! Once you’ve laid out your jumps, you are actually done. Make sure that your track has noticeable and large exit and entry points. Wear your protective gear as well because your track could potentially be an unsafe one!
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