How To Build A Baritone Guitar

Learning how to build a baritone guitar is simply a configured guitar replacing the strings with thicker gauge and the neck longer than the normal size to get deeper sounds that’s why many guitar enthusiasts and music artists either buy one or build their own baritone guitar. Some popular music artists who played the baritone guitar are the Beatles’ John Lennon and George Harrison, The Cure’s Robert Smith and solo artist Duane Eddy. There are parts and a premade baritone guitar which are sold online or at guitar stores however for those who are very specific with their guitar will most likely make one.


To build a baritone guitar, you need:

  • 1 Guitar body (with pickups, bridge, pickguard and with neck pocket of these measurements: 2-3/16 inches width, 3 inches length and 5/8 inches depth)

  • 1 Guitar neck (Finished with tuners, nut, frets and fret board, Bolt-in, an inch thick including the fret board and 26 to 28 inches long)

  • Guitar strings (.012 to .070 or .017 to .080 range)

  • Guitar Bolts (optional)

  • Hand drill or Press drill (optional)


  1. Attach the neck to the guitar body. This can only be done with a bolt-in neck since neck through or glued-in kinds are either difficult or rather impossible. Just make sure that the neck is compatible with the guitar body in terms of neck pocket’s length, width and depth otherwise you will need to drill a hole or two where you will need extra bolts ready.

  2. String up the guitar. Placing the .012 string on the top and to a .070 at the bottom or .017 on the top to .080 at the bottom whichever you best prefer.

  3. Tune the baritone guitar. Tuning the baritone guitar starts from the standard guitar tuning. Tune the guitar fourth from below the standard guitar tuning which is from low to high B E A D F# B or fifth below that is from low to high A D G C E A. Variation on tuning is encouraged since there’s no standard way of tuning the baritone guitar.



  • Commonly known detachable guitar neck is the Fender Brand. However, it is not compatible to all guitar body brands where the contoured heel is the common complication found. The best way to know if the neck will fit properly with the guitar body is to check their compatibility before purchasing anything.

  • Heel shape of the neck also needs some checking since there are rounded or flat. An example of this is the Stratocaster brand which has rounded heel shape and the Telecaster Brand with the flat heel.

  • If you need to drill to add another hole so the neck and the body will fit, drill a small hole first to avoid mistakes since a small hole can be drilled bigger later.

  • Tuning the strings deeper lessens the slacking of the strings but higher end sound will no longer be produced.

  • Choosing the kind of wood the guitar body and neck are made of will also add to the quality of sound the baritone guitar will make. These kinds of woods are maple, mahogany, alder, white ash, ebony and rosewood. Different brands use different kinds of woods but among the common type of wood for the guitar body are white ash and alder while harder woods like mahogany and maple are selected to make the guitar neck.

  • Single coiled pickups works best for surf rock, western or country music while double coil pickups are best for metal music or hard rock.

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