How To Build A Bathroom

Learning how to build a bathroom is a process that evaluates the bath needs and a possible location in the house. Bathrooms can be as simple as a toilet and sink, known as a half bath, or as complex as a full bath that includes a bath, shower, toilet and sink. Luxury baths might offer a sauna or heat room or even a bidet. The main element in building a bathroom is making an accurate budget—and sticking to it.

You'll need a few planning items, including;

  • architectural design
  • construction tools, including electric saws, nail gun and hammer
  • fixtures
  • appliances
  • flooring
  • tile and paint
  • measuring tools
  • permits
  1. Plan the bathroom. The first step in how to build a bathroom is to decide what essential elements are necessary in the bathroom. Consider shower size, type of material for the shower stall and door or bathtub material and enclosure. Sink size and toilet design are also important considerations. Since the bathroom will be constructed from scratch, don't settle for something less than you want. 
  2. Shop for fixtures and appliances. Fixtures are the most expensive part of the budget, so shop, shop, shop for bargains. Check out plumbing surplus stores and stores that carry restored vintage and antique tubs and sinks. You may find a bargain with a bit of retro style. Take notes and start making a budget.
  3. Investigate permits. Building a bathroom includes investigating remodeling and construction permits. The permissions add bucks to the budget, but in the end, you need them. When you resell your home or condo, the new buyers will want to see the permits to make sure the job is done right. 
  4. Pick up a copy of local building codes for baths. Every municipality is a little different. Get the details before you build. 
  5. Make a budget. Sit down with your working budget and work up a final budget that you can live with. Look over your options and finalize the decisions on overall design, fixtures and appliances. 
  6. Buy everything you've selected for your perfect bath. Set aside a place to keep all of your building materials in one place. 
  7. Demo the old bath. If you're working in a former bath, wait until you have everything in place before taking out the old. It may take a few days, or even weeks to get your supplies. Order a dumpster or two to remove the waste. Look for any items, such as old sinks and tubs, that may be recycled. Call shops to come out and look at the lot of retro items.
  8. Do the plumbing. Check any old plumbing that will be used in the new bath and add any new pipes or replacement materials. Make sure to match copper with copper and galvanized with like materials. You may need to rent some special equipment or tools to complete this step. 
  9. Put in the electric wiring. Building a bathroom involves planning for water safety. Make sure to use safety outlets near water. 
  10. Put up any needed drywall and green board. Make sure to use green board around the tub or sink to keep mildew away. The extra protection adds some bucks but is an important element.
  11. Install tubs, toilets and sinks. Follow directions to install all bathroom necessities. Install the largest pieces first and plan for movement to make the job an easy process. 
  12. Put up fixtures. Install lighting and plumbing fixtures. Wait to install any glass globes or shades until after the painting is done.
  13. Add tile. Ceramic, glass or vintage treasures work wonders in adding class. Rent a tile cutter to do the job right. 
  14. Paint. Prime walls before adding the color palette.
  15. Do flooring. Install sub-flooring before any floor tile or add wood or vinyl. Wait to add carpet after the wallpaper step. 
  16. Do wallpapering and touch up any paint damage. A ding here or there from the flooring step may need to be patched at this point. Selecting quality paint allows for a quick touch up.
  17. Clear the permits. Make sure the city or county records the completion.
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