How To Build A Bedroom Armoire

The steps involved in how to build a bedroom armoire require only basic furniture building skills. An armoire is a highly functional and versatile piece of furniture. While most people use an armoire in their bedroom to store clothes in place of a closet, there are many uses for an armoire. An armoire can also be used as an entertainment center, storage for keepsakes or even a great organizer for hobby items.

 To build a bedroom armoire, you will need:

  • Plywood
  • Drywall square
  • Wood glue
  • Self-adhesive veneer
  • Piece of pine
  • 270 degree overlay hinges
  • Closet rod
  • Door pulls
  • Iron
  • Jigsaw
  • Hammer
  • Wood stain or paint (optional)
  1. Form the basic box of the armoire with plywood pieces. This is also known as the carcass. The armoire will be 60 inches by 36 inches. Ensure the pieces of plywood are square by measuring with the drywall square.
  2. Bond the top, bottom and sides with glue and finish nails. Then attach the side to the bottom. Insert the central panel to separate the different sections. To help position the panel, hold a shelf in place to use as a spacer. Nail the panel into place. Install the shelves.
  3. Attach the back panel with glue and finishing nails. Be carful that the back panel does not overlap the sides. If it does, the armoire will not be straight.
  4. Take the self-adhesive veneer and cover the exposed edges of the plywood. The veneer is attached with an iron on a low setting. Press the iron on the veneer slowly. If the iron you are using has a steam function, make sure it is off.
  5. Create a front skirt by cutting a section of pine with a jigsaw to fit. You can cut a decorative curve, if desired. Attach the skirt with glue and nails like you have done to other sections.
  6. Cut and trim your door pieces to fit. Be sure they are square with the drywall square. To make attaching the doors easier, lay the unit down.
  7. If you wish, apply stain or paint to the armoire. Attach the door pulls and install the closet rod.
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