How To Build Benches For A Kitchen

If your kitchen is too narrow for chairs, why not figure out how to build benches for a kitchen? You’ll be able to enjoy your morning coffee in the comfort of your kitchen, tucked away in an intimate corner. It is easy to build benches, and by painting them in chic colors, you can add whimsical flare to your kitchen decor.

To build benches for a kitchen you will need:

  • 12 2×4 lumber, 22 inches (for the legs).
  • 2 2×4 lumber, 38 inches (for long frame).
  • 2 2×4 lumber, 14 inches (for short frame).
  • 3 2×4 lumber, 12 inches (for reinforcing the bench frame).
  • 3 2×4 lumber, 40 inches (for the seat).
  • Box of 3 1/2” headless nails (16d 3-12”).

Follow these steps to build benches for a kitchen:

  1. Build the kitchen bench frame. The first step when you build benches for a kitchen is constructing the frame. Stand the 38 inch, 2×4 lumber on its narrow side, facing each other. Then place the fourteen-inch, 2×4 lumber diagonally to form a square frame. Be sure to position the narrow frame parts (fourteen-inch) outside the frame, and the long parts inside, to create a 14×40 inch frame. Hammer the frame together using the headless nails.
  2. Reinforce the frame. Insert one 2×4, twelve-inch lumber into the frame at the center (with the narrow part facing down), then add the additional 2×4 lumber supports at even distances on either side of it. Nail in place with headless nails.
  3. Build the kitchen bench seat. Place the fourteen-inch, 2×4 lumber over the frame with the four-inch width facing up. The first and third planks will come flush with the sides of the kitchen bench frame. The middle plank should be placed in the middle, one inch apart from the others, on both sides. Hammer the lumber into the frame and frame reinforcements.
  4. Attach the kitchen bench legs. With the bench facing down, attach the 22-inch legs in place. The legs will fit inside the bench frame at all four corners and at the center. Each bench leg will be built from two parts. Slide the first leg into a corner of the bench frame with the 4 inch side facing out, then nail in place. Next position the second part of the leg next to it, in the corner of the frame, to form a 90 degree angle. Again hammer in place, then repeat for the other three corners. For the center front and back legs, attach them on either side of the middle bench frame support, with the 4 inch side facing out.
  5. Paint your kitchen bench. Now that you have successfully been able to build benches, sand and paint them in glossy, lively colors like lime green, plum purple, or apple red to brighten up your kitchen decor.
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