How To Build A Bicycle Motor

Anyone who really likes motorized bicycles will eventually want to learn how to build a bicycle motor.  This is because not only is it a lot of fun but it can also save you a lot of money too. 

In order to build a bicycle motor you will need:

  • A bicycle engine kit
  • A screwdriver
  • A piece of wood
  • Some cardboard
  1. Choose a bicycle motor kit to build.  These kits to build a bicycle motor can be found at a specialty bicycle shop or online.
  2. Create a workspace and put down a large piece of cardboard.  This will help protect your worktable from oil and grease stains while building your bicycle motor.
  3. Use a professional cleaner to clean the pieces in your bicycle motor.  Remove unnecessary grease and oil and make sure that you have all of the pieces.  If anything is missing, contact the supplier.
  4. Install the wide pedal crank and your pedal sprockets inside of the bicycle motor engine case.  This part of your bicycle motor can be put together by hand, without any tools.
  5. Install the key on your engine shaft.  Then slide the clutch onto the engine shaft and align the key to the slot that is located on your clutch.
  6. Slide the gear bell housing onto your engine shaft.  Align the inter-race sleeve with your key slot.
  7. Install the washer and the retaining screw onto the gears.  Use 2 short screws to attach your gearbox to your engine block.
  8. Use a piece of wood to gently tap the middle gear.  This will ensure that it is properly aligned.  Now put a spacer sleeve on your rear gear shaft.
  9. Place the gearbox cover over the front of your gears.  Secure the cover in place with 2 long screws
  10. Install your muffler.  Use the mounting studs that came with your bicycle motor kit to do this.

Now that you see how easy it is to build a bicycle motor, you simply need to decide on whether you want a gas-run or battery operated bicycle motor.  This decision will depend upon how your bike is designed and what you want your fuel source to be.

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