How To Build Bike Ramps

Here are instructions for how to build bike ramps. Bikes are economic means of transportation. These are easily movable and can be transferred very easily by trucks, using ramps. Bikes are more of a trend and fashion now. Like cars these are also showcased in exhibitions. Here when these have to be transported to different places, the loading process requires assistance.  Bike ramps make it easier to load bikes on trucks without using much labor. It is easy to build bike ramps, as the materials required are easily available.

You will need:

  • A Plywood Sheet
  • Saw (chain or manual)
  • Drill
  • Nails and Screws
  1. Cutting Straight supports or beams. A number of straight plywood pieces are required depending on the size of the ramp are used. These later lock in place with the vertical supports.
  2. Vertical Supports. Vertical supports are made into triangular pieces so that the horizontal supports are locked in. The upper face of the triangular shape is cut into a concave and has chips cut into the edge. This enables a strong locking skeleton of the ramp with horizontal and vertical beams.
  3. Cutting the Ramp Surface Piece. Consider and decide the size of the ramp belt before starting. The plywood sheet is cut into the required size.
  4. Putting the Ramp Together. The horizontal supports are interlocked with the vertical supports and then the surface board is fixed with the help of screws. This final shape is further strengthened by screwing an L shaped piece of plywood with the structure.

That's it! Building a bike ramp is an easy and fun project for any cyclist.

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