How To Build BMX Dirt Jumps

At one time or another, most BMX riders have probably learned how to build BMX dirt jumps. If you are a BMX rider and you need a good place to perform jumps, finding the right location is half the battle. You may need permission from the land owner before you can build BMX dirt jumps on the property. The owner may want you to sign a hold harmless agreement, so if you get hurt there is no expense incurred by the owner. Be that as it may, once you have obtained the green light for your BMX dirt jumps, you will need the help of a few fellow riders to complete the project.

  1. Find the spot on the property where you want to build BMX dirt jumps. If the area is already somewhat level, start to dig around the perimeter of the jump area, and pile the dirt into a wheelbarrow. Move the dirt to where you want your jumps to be, and keep adding to the piles until they are the desired height.
  2. Make sure to leave the amount of landing area you require between jumps. As you complete the BMX dirt jumps, level off the area leading up to the jumps so you can have a smooth takeoff. Tamp down the landing area, so you can gather yourself in order to make the jump that follows.
  3. Water down the BMX dirt jumps. Add more dirt after the jumps have dried. Repeat the process until they are the height you want. You can make changes if you need to after you have tried the jumps.
  4. Clear away the debris, and give your jumps a test. Take it easy the first few times you go over the jumps. Safety comes first when you are a BMX rider. Make any adjustments you feel necessary to the landing area and the jump heights.
  5. As you get better, you can increase the height of your jumps. Make them more challenging by adjusting the landing areas as well. Increase your speed, and you will continue to get big air.
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