How To Build BMX Foam Pit

Learning how to build a foam pit for BMX requires one important tip, build indoors! Building a foam pit for BMX bikers is used as a training tool. Learning how to build a foam pit takes a few lessons in woodshop and some foam. Foam pits are perfect for indoor arenas where training for tricks is promoted. The BMX foam pit gives the BMXer a place to land their tricks when they are still learning. The BMX foam pit allows for limited potential for injury. Even in the foam pit, you need your protective gear, please remember that. Outlined below are the mechanics to build a BMX foam pit.

The need to build the BMX foam pit indoors will become evident. Unless you have the cash to build a cover or housing to protect the foam, stay inside.


  • Foam (acoustic and large foam squares)
  • Plywood 4 x 8’ ¼” thick x 10
  • Finishing nails (box)
  • 2 x 4’s x 18


  • Wood glue
  • Hammer
  • Staple gun
  • A friend


  1. Place two pieces of plywood down on the ground. Pieces should be side by side to make a 4 x 16’ floor. Use the 2 x 4s (8) around the edges to make a lip. Apply wood glue and then hammer around the outside of the plywood. Take two more 2 x 4s and glue then nail along the line where the two pieces of plywood meet.
  2. The finished product is the base of the BMX foam pit. It should appear as a shallow box with to 2 x 4s running down the center. Liberally apply wood glue along one side of the attached 2 x 4s. Have a friend hold up the first sheet of plywood and nail into the base. Do this around the entire base.
  3. You should now have a box that is 8 x 16” square. Take the remaining 2 x 4s and apply glue to the edge of the plywood (top). Mail the 2 x 4s around the top of the box to create a lip. This will complete the box or pit.
  4. Place the acoustic foam on the bottom of the pit. Using the staple gun staple the acoustic foam down. Do this along the side as well. The entire inside of the pit should be covered with the acoustic foam. Last step is to fill the foam pit with the large foam squares. There should be enough to fill the pit to the top of the lip.
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