How To Build BMX Grind Rail

Learning how to build a BMX grind rail is not too hard a process, though it can take some time. The right materials, and some of your time, devoted to setting up the rail are necessary. Following is how to build a BMX grind rail.

How to Build a BMX grind Rail: Materials

  • Outdoor Stair Rail
  • Hack Saw
  • Two inch thick pieces of hardwood board (at least two feet by eight inches)
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Epoxy Adhesive

How to Build a BMX Grind Rail

  1. After purchasing all your mateiral, you will need to cut the legs shorter on the stair rail. Cut them so that they are about two feet in length, using the hack saw.
  2. Next, cut two 2' sections from the hardwood board. Cut one for each leg of the stair rail (most likely, three in all).
  3. Trace the circular shape of the leg of the stair rail on the center of each board so that you have an exact representation of the size on the board. These circles will be cut out, and the rail will be stuck into the supporting pieces of wood, so that it stands.
  4. Using a large drill bit, drill a single hole in each piece of wood along the circumference of the traced circle. Using the jigsaw, cut out the entire circle so that a hole, the size of the thickness of the supporting metal legs which have been shortened on the rail, results.
  5. Slide the bottom of the stair rail leg supports into the holes in the wood, and turn the wood supports so that they are perpendicular to the length of the rail. Then, epoxy the areas where the metal legs enter the wood bases, and you have a portable BMX grind rail that stands well and is easy to transport.

Learning how to build a BMX grind rail is fairly simple, but you must use the right materials and devote enough time to its construction. It would be helpful if you have experience in building or construction or if you know someone who does who can help you. After it is built, however, the process will seem worth its minor costs.

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