How To Build BMX Ramp Out Of Wood

Learning how to build a BMX bike ramp is a great way of making your ramp exactly the way you want it. If all the other ramps you have practiced your bike tricks on weren’t quite right, not high enough or the ramp wasn’t angle right to do your most awesome! Bike tricks, well in eight simple steps you can have the bike ramp you want.

To build a BMX bike ramp you will need:

  • Plywood
  • Wood Screws
  • 2 X 4s
  • Drill
  • Electric Saw or Hand Saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil or Line Chalk
  1.  Decide what type of BMX ramp you want. So it would be a good idea to set down and sketch out exactly what you the height and width, all of the dimensions of the ramp with be on paper. Once that is done you can start gathering your material. You don’t have to get all new wood if you can find scraps to use; well at least for the base anyway, that’s okay.

  2. You need a good work place to build your BMX ramp. If you plan to build a nice size bike ramp, than it would be best to build it on site. So you want have the trouble of trying to get it to its permanent location.

  3. Start off by framing the base of the BMX ramp. Take two, 2x4s and cut in two pieces, and two different sizes. This is the start of your ramp. The first 2×4 should be cut about four feet in length and the remaining piece of wood should be cut to about twenty inches long, do the same to the other 2×4. You will have two long pieces of wood and two short pieces. They should make the shape of two capital letter L’s, this will be the base of the bike ramp.

  4. Secure the two short pieces of 2x4s inside of the long pieces of 2x4s (L shape). Use the wood screws to secure the 2x4s to each other. Take another 2×4 and cut into four strips at least twenty inches in length. These pieces of 2x4s will fit inside horizontally to connect the two sides of the base and to give the ramp support.

  5. The frame of the ramp should now be done. Take the tape measure to see the exact width of the base. Once that is done get another 2×4 and mark the measurements on the 2×4. Get your piece of plywood lay the 2×4 across it and use that as a guide (ruler) to mark the measurements onto the plywood to cut it.

  6. Use a electric saw or hand saw to make the cut. Lay the plywood onto the base of your ramp use a drill to drill in your wood screws (nails can be used if you prefer).

  7. Give your BMX ramp the perfect curve. Once your ramp is complete you want to make sure your ramp has a good curve in it. There are a number of things you can do such as: soak the middle with water to make it bend, stack bricks on it, sand bags anything with some weight
    (for about and hour), so the plywood want end up snapping.

  8. Weatherproof the plywood. If you are not using treated plywood you might want to consider using sometime type of weatherproof paint or stain so that the plywood want warp under the outside conditions.  

Now that you have the perfect ramp to do all of your BMX bike tricks on. There is no stopping you from creating the most amazing tricks ever. Test your ramp out first for support and safety, before you really cut loose on it.         

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