How To Build A BMX Ramp

When you need to impress your BMX bike buddies, read this article and learn how to build a BMX ramp. Your friends will be thrilled to thrash on your new ramp and share stories of bodily injury with you later. The only reason to BMX bike is for air. The ramp you are going to build will give you all the air you can handle.

Things you'll need:

  • Shovel
  • Water
  1. Find a large enough trail space. Make sure you aren't going to upset any neighbors or city officials in the creation of this ramp. There are many cities with zones for BMX bike trails, so check the internet or information center for your town.
  2. If you have the luxury of water, use it. It would best if you had a water hose to wet the ground so it is easier to dig and mold the ramp. If all you can bring is a bucket of water or the land is already wet from mother nature, that will do.
  3. Dig from a location not to be rode over by your bike. Start taking the dirt from any area that won't ruin the trail. If you want to jump over a large pit, put the ramp right before the pit you dug for the dirt to make it. Putting spikes at the bottom of the pit is optional. You may find other ways to incorporate the pit into your trail, if you like.
  4. Start piling the dirt onto an area for a ramp that is marked off or designated. You don't want the ramp to extend beyond its purpose, so start pilling the dirt on what should be the taller side of the ramp.
  5. Use the back side of a shovel and some water to smooth out the ramp. Hit uneven parts of the ramp with the back side of the shovel to smooth them out. If these areas are too stubborn, use water or smaller grained dirt. Do this step after every load or few loads of dirt. Try not to soak the ramp too much or else you will be waiting longer to enjoy it and could potentially ruin the entire form of the ramp.
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