How To Build BMX Ramps

If you have a BMX bike and you're considering making BMX trails, you need to know how to build BMX ramps. BMX ramps can be separate or part of a track. Separate ramps would be ideal for stunts or big jumps, while ramps for a trail will need to be generally smaller and placed according to other ramps and the rest of the trail. Since you probably don't have a tractor or much help, here are some tips to building these ramps bigger, faster and stronger.

Things you'll need:

  • Shovel
  • Water
  • A clearing
  1. Find a location suitable for BMX ramps. Unless you have a pretty large backyard of your own or reasonable parents with one, you will need to find a bigger approved lot. Many cities have large areas designed for mountain bike or BMX trails. Try locating these areas and see if you may build there. If not, try to find a wooded area with clearings.
  2. Take a shovel and, if possible, water. These items and manual labor are pretty much the only ingredients in building BMX ramps on a small budget. If water is not available, wait for it to rain before digging or remold the ramps after it has rained.
  3. Take the mud you need to build the ramp from an area that does not affect the trail. Only dig a big hole where it fits into the trail uniquely or where it doesn't matter at all. One idea is to build a ramp behind the hole you dug to build it. This way you would be jumping over a ditch.
  4. You can take the dirt needed to form a path to the ramp. Take the dirt for the ramp from a larger area and you can create a path to the ramp or a sharp turn in the trail.
  5. Use the back of the shovel to mold the ramp. Striking the ramp with the back of the shovel will help even it out. The idea is to have a smooth surface on the top of the ramp so that you do not lose any speed or energy for the jump.
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