How To Build A BMX Track

With very few tools and several friends, learning how to build A BMX track is not too difficult. The track should reflect the rider’s abilities. For beginners, jumps should not be too steep and landing area should be twice the length and width of the launch area. Two jumps, a burm, and two more jumps will make an acceptable BMX track to learn how to build.

Items needed:

  • Wheel barrow
  • Shovels (flat and spade)
  • Rakes
  • T- posts
  • T-post driver
  • Ply-wood sheets
  • Start ramp
  • 4 empty 50 gal. barrels (preferably plastic as they are easier to work with and don’t rot as fast as metal ones); using the barrels will cut down on the amount of dirt required.
  • Dirt –  50 tons this dirt needs a clay content to pack right to ride on
  • Tape measure
  1. Set down on paper exactly what the BMX track should look like when you are done. Determine where to place your start ramp, where the jumps should be, and where the burm is going to go.
  2. Lay out the barrels where you are going to want your jumps. Pile dirt around and on top of barrels, wetting down the dirt as you go so that it packs down firmly.
  3. Place T-posts where you are going to create your burm using the ply-wood. Place the posts every three feet. They are going to be holding up the dirt and riders, the close placement will provide needed stability to the burm.
  4. Placing the long edge of the wood on the ground, place the ply-wood right up against the posts and shovel dirt up against it.  A 30 foot outside edge for the turns (burms) will give a safe turn.
  5. Rake all areas level with rakes.


  • You start ramp needs to be at least a 60 degree angle to provide the speed necessary to get over  the jumps without losing momentum on the wrong side of the jump.
  • Always were a helmet when riding to minimize injuries.
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