How To Build A BMX Trail In Very Small Woods

So, you’re looking at a small plot of land, wondering how to build a BMX trail in very small woods. There is a way. With a little creative landscaping, you can make a BMX trail that will be fun and exciting, regardless of how small the woods are.

Here’s what you will need to get the job done:

  • Bobcat or other small skid steer equipment
  • Shovels
  • Rake
  • Chemical weed killer
  • Loose dirt
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Tamper
  • Paper on a clipboard
  • Pencil


  1. Walk the perimeter of the woods to get an idea of the layout of the land. A lot can be done with a small amount of land.  But, you need to have a clear picture of what you have to work with.
  2. Roughly sketch a map of the woods. After you have walked the perimeter, run though a few possibilities. Try using the perimeter of the woods for part of the trail.  Work out several possibilities. 
  3. Use the terrain to your advantage. Natural dips and hills make great dips and jumps.  Work with what you have.
  4. Once you have chosen the BMX trail’s path, map it out. Take a walk through the woods.  Watch out for any obstacles and note them on the map.  Make a couple of passes so you don’t miss something big, like a tree stump. 
  5. Remove any big obstacles by hand that you are able to. Large branches, rocks, and other debris should be removed and discarded before the skid steer clears to path. 
  6. Using the weed killer and yard tools, remove any vegetation along the BMX trail. Watch for tangled vines and poison plants. Remove these with care.
  7. If you are qualified to operate it, use the skid steer to clear the path. Otherwise, hire someone who is.  With the bucket implement lowered, dig out a dirt path. Loosen the trail with a few runs. 
  8. Pack down the dirt along the BMX trail. Using the tamper or the skid steer’ bucket, smooth out and pack down the dirt. Use the loose dirt to build up and pack down the hills.
  9. Walk the course a few times before running BMX bikes. Check it out thoroughly for safety hazards. Pay attention to small rocks, hidden tree roots, and other potential dangers.

Now the trail is ready to run. Insist your guests wear safety gear and observe safety precautions on the trail. Your small wood area has just been converted into a great new BMX trail. Be safe, ride hard, and always wear your helmet.

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