How To Build BMX Trails

Want to learn how to build BMX trails?  Below you will find a guide that will help you transform some spare woods or open land into a fun BMX trail that you can use any time.  Having trails at your disposal all the time can help you further your skills on a BMX bike. 

You will need:


  • Dirt
  • Shovels
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Water
  • Weed Killer


  1. Plan.  Look at the area that you have free and decide where you are going to put your jumps, where you are going to make turns on the BMX trail, and how wide the straight-aways for takeoffs and landings will be.
  2. Place the dirt. Fill the wheelbarrow up and place dirt piles on the given areas that you designated for the jumps on your BMX trail plan.
  3. Create Jumps.  Smooth off the front of the jumps using a shovel while rounding off the top so that they are not pointed.
  4. Create paths.  Now you are going to have to use the weed killer to get rid of the grass so that you have a smooth surface to ride on.  The grass will be preventive for trail riding on your BMX bike.
  5. Bank the turns.  To maintain speed on your BMX trail, the turns they must be banked.  Take small dirt piles and place them on the furthest part of the turn and shape the piles to fit the turn so that they will be able to be used to ride upon and to keep you on the BMX trail.
  6. Water down.  Take water and water down the jumps and banks that you have created this will solidify them.

 Now that you have learned how to build a BMX trail, it is time to use it.  Remember if it starts to get a bit tiresome, just create more trails to start intertwining between the original BMX trail.  The new additions will breath new life into your trail.  

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