How To Build A Boat Launch Ramp

Learning how to build your own boat launch ramp can seem like a challenging prospect at first, but with the right set of tools it’s easy and fun to do! Building your own boat launch ramp will save you the hassle of waiting in line at the launch. It’s also a great option to look into on those pesky bodies of water that don’t even have a launch! If you’re ready to take on the task, than take a look at this set of tools you’ll need to complete your boat launch ramp.

To build your own boat launch ramp, you’ll need the following items:

  • Backhoe
  • Concrete mix
  • Wooden forms
  • Gravel
  • Large rocks


  1. Cut out your own space. To begin constructing your own boat launch ramp, you’ll need to hop on your backhoe and begin cutting out your actual launch. You should make your boat launch ramp steep enough to easily reach the water when it’s low, but not too steep where you will face issues while trying to launch your boat. This part of the building process is usually the most time-consuming. Make sure you’re patient when you run into issues such as stumps, boulders, and drop-offs! Remember, you can always fill-in holes with your left over dirt, so don’t be shy in using it.
  2. Construct your forms. After you have your boat launch ramp cut out, you can begin to construct the wooden forms for your concrete slabs. Concrete is the best material to use for constructing boat launches ramps. It holds up to the wear and tear of water much better than blacktop or a concrete/rock mix. You may have to improvise when it comes to placing your forms within the water though. If you can’t wait for the water to be low enough to build the forms for your slabs near the water’s edge, than you may have to build these forms out of the water than place it at the end of your ramp later.
  3. Finishing touches. After your boat launch ramp is constructed, you should place gravel on both sides of the ramp. This will help keep some of the dirt around your ramp from washing away and will give your boat launch ramp a more professional look. Use your larger stones to extend your ramp past the place where you placed your last slab of concrete. These rocks will sink in and still give you access to the water when it’s extremely low in the summer!

These are the two most important things to remember when building your own boat launch ramp: First, make sure you don’t make your boat launch ramp too steep. It’s a pain trying to load your boat on a 60 degree angle after a long day of fishing. Second, make sure that you extend your actual ramp as far as possible past your last concrete slab. Try and prevent the issue of having a drop-off from your last slab to the rocks; which is extremely hard on your equipment! If you follow these steps, you’ll have your very own boat launch ramp in no time, enjoy!

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