How To Build Bobsleds

Here are instructions for how to build bobsleds. Bobsleds are capsular encasements that are designed to slide over snow. These capacitate two or three team members. Bobsleds are available custom made but can also be assembled at home. All the bobsleds are basically made of the same parts.

To build a bobsled, you will need:

  • Frame, usually made of steel.
  • Runners which are movable for front.
  • Runners which are fixed for back
  • Fiberglass casket or body
  • Strengthened steel brakes
  • Drop bar for the riders to hold in place
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver

The following steps are involved in building a bobsled:

  1. Reading the Manual Properly. The manual of a bobsled is usually supplied with the sleds. This should be carefully revised before starting off the procedure.
  2. Fixing the Frame inside the body. The steel frame of a bobsled is screwed inside the fiberglass body. This helps the capsule to maintain its shape on impact with snow.
  3. Mounting Front Movable Runners. Front movable runners of a bobsled are screwed at the tip of the sled. This is then later connected with the steel brakes. There is a mechanism that makes the movable runners attach in a mechanical way to the brakes. On applying the brakes to the bobsled the vehicle automatically brings the runners to a halt. This encourages friction to stop the sled. The back runners here work like anchors.
  4. Mounting Rear Runners. The rear runners of a bobsled are fixed and can not move. This gives the sled more control and friction.
  5. Fixing the Crow Bar. These are bars are built to hold the riders of a bobsled in place. These slip at the front and help to grip the riders to the seats. The two ends of the bars are screwed on to the sides of the seats. This is done in a way that the bars remain movable.
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