How To Build A Bow And Arrow

There might come a time when knowing how to build a bow and arrow is useful. There are many types of bows, and they can be made with various types of wood. The task can be challenging, but by following these directions, you will be following in the long tradition of outdoorsmen.

To build a bow and arrow you will need:

  • Wood
  • Twine
  • Arrowheads
  • Feathers
  • Carving Knife
  • Hacksaw
  • Long straight sticks
  • Measuring tape
  • File
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue
  1. Select a piece of dense wood. The wood should have a natural curve to it. The bow can be any length but three to six feet is a good place to start. The bow should always be twice the length of the back of your string when fully extended. Scrape the bark free from the entire length of the wood.
  2. Cut the length of the bow. Find the center of stick. This will be your handgrip. Next, measure the total length of the bow from the center. Using the saw, cut the wood to your desired length. A shorter length may allow your bow and arrow to shoot faster but a longer one will aid accuracy.
  3. Taper the handgrip. Using the file, thin the handgrip until it feels comfortable, allowing room to place the arrow.
  4. Cut nocks into the bow. Using the saw, cut a one-inch slit, a nock, into each limb.
  5. String the bow. The string can be made of any type of cord and should be the proper length to provide tension for the bow. Knot the string so that it has a loop at one end. Slide the loop into one of the nocks then bend the bow to stretch the string into the other nock. Knot the string.
  6. Select a straight stick. Arrows can be made from store bought doweling or reeds or other woods. Since these instructions detail how to build a bow and arrow from scratch, the stick will have to be straightened and trimmed to about ¼ inch in diameter. Use sandpaper to smooth it down.
  7. Fletch the arrow. Using the hacksaw, cut three slits into one end of the arrow. Line the slits with a small amount of glue and attach feathers.
  8. Nock the arrow. Using the hacksaw, nock the end of the arrow with the fletching. Be sure to make the slit wider than the string. Nock the other end of the arrow deeper and wide enough to fit the arrowhead inside.
  9. Attach the arrowhead. Slip the arrowhead into the empty nock. Tie the arrowhead securely into the nock with string.

It can often take several attempts to learn how to build a bow and arrow that is durable and effective. Each individual bow is unique and can be tailor made to fit the users needs. Even the arrows and arrowheads can be specialized. There is no limit to the customization, but with patience and craftsmanship, a work of art can be created.

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