How To Build A Brick Grill

You can now get important tips on how to build a brick grill, which are cheap and easy to make. A brick grill barbecue is a perfect way of entertaining your guests in your back yard and it will definitely enable you to enjoy weekends or holidays with family and friends. The brick grills are also less expensive than the propane grills and they are more durable. The grills provide a healthier way to cook your food and they also add cooking over charcoal or wood adds a unique flavor to the food. The following are tips on building a brick grill.

To build a brick grill, you will require these materials:

  • Straight edge
  • A carpenters pencil and square
  • Bricks
  • Metal
  • Cement mixing board
  • Steel
  • Mortar and plasticizer
  • Shovel and trowel
  • Water can
  1. Decide on the location and plan. The first tip on how to make a brick grill is making an initial plan and deciding on the location where it will be placed. You should search for an area that is partially or fully shaded and prepare for building by clearing the surface. You should also draw a design for the brick grill and indicate the measurements that will be used.
  2. Create a foundation. You should start by digging a small foundation of approximately 4 inches on the ground. You should then start building a brick grill by laying the concrete on this foundation and leave it to cure for some time in order to harden.
  3. Lay the brick courses. The next step on building a brick grill is to place the bricks on the cement floor. You should first add mortar to the surface using a trowel and then proceed to add the first course. This should then be followed by more mortar and more bricks until it acquires your desired height.
  4. Leave the mortar to cure and add the grill. You should give the mortar about 3 days for it to cure and to harden. This should then be followed by placing the barbecue metal grill at the top portion and then use more mortar to fix it or use a grill pin to hold it in place. You should finish making the brick grill by adding plasticizer on the walls so as to make it smooth and then leave it for about 2 weeks before using it. 
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