How To Build A Cat Trap

If you need to know how to build a cat trap then you probably have a situation that requires action now. No matter what your situation is you need the information so you can catch a cat. Here is the guide for exactly that.

To build a cat trap you need:

  • One pet cage
  • One stick of wood measuring one inch by one foot.
  • One piece of food
  1. Take the pet cage and place it where the pet is expected top show up. Place the food inside of the cage. Make sure that you place the food in a location that allows the cat to get inside completely.
  2. Place the stick of wood inside of the cage to hold the door open on the cage. Make sure that the stick is placed inside of the cage far enough to allow the cat to get inside the cage. It should be placed so it will get knocked over when the cat goes inside of the cage.
  3. Wait for the cat to come. Be sure to have some water and food in the cage so the animal can have what they need until you get there. You don't want the animal to be any more traumatized then you have to.



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