How To Build A Catering Truck

Learning how to build a catering truck is a must if you plan to go into the catering business.   The truck will be required to meet rigorous food service regulations, much like a restaurant would, so an attention to detail when building a catering truck is a must.
What you'll need:

  • A truck suitable for catering
  • catering equipment
  • floor tile and supplies to install it
  1. Cleaning the truck.   Clean the inside of the catering truck well.  Cleanliness will weigh heavily when the catering truck is inspected.
  2. Lay down a tile floor.  Install a tile floor in the catering truck.  If the truck has carpet, tear it out before installing the tile.  Pick a tile that will be easy to clean.
  3. Cleaning the equipment.  If you are going to be installing used equipment in the truck, clean the equipment well.  If you intend to use new equipment, this step may be skipped.  Install only equipment that will run on propane, that way it will not be necessary to look for an electrical hook-up at your catering site.
  4. Layout and installation.  Arrange the equipment in an efficient manner when installing it inside the catering truck, so that when working quickly, a minimum of steps will be taken between areas.  Allow for easy access to the propane shut-off valve for each piece of equipment.  Mount the propane bottles on the outside of the catering truck.
  5. Inspection.  Contact the appropriate office and set up an inspection for the catering truck.   If the truck passes the inspection, then a license will be issued to you and you will be ready to purchase food and begin your catering service.  
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