How To Build Cheap Basketball Courts

Need to know how to build cheap basketball courts? By following the instructions below, you can learn about a cheap way to build your own basketball court. Having a basketball court at home in your own backyard gives you more time to practice the sport, allowing you to get better and better. You'll be beating your friends at games in no time. Just don't tell them that you built the court yourself!

To build a cheap basketball court, you will need:

  • Fast-setting concrete
  • All-purpose gravel or crushed stone
  • A plumb or level
  • A shovel or post hole digger
  • A basketball backboard pole
  • A basketball backboard, rim and net (typically comes as a kit)
  1. Find a good spot for the court. Ideally, there should be a cement or concrete base. Make sure the area is large enough to allow plenty of room for play.
  2. Use a shovel to dig a hole that is about three times the diameter of the basketball hoop pole. It should also be a third of the total length of the pole for its depth.
  3. Place six to eight inches of small stones or gravel in the hole. This prevents drainage problems from happening.
  4. Put the basketball pole into the hole, making sure that it's level. Carefully place dry concrete mix into the hole until it reaches a height of three or four inches from the top of the hole. Double check the pole, making sure it is still level.
  5. Follow the instructions on the concrete mix bag regarding how much water to pour on the dry mix. Allow the mix to completely dry before playing a game. Enjoy the brand new basketball court!
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