How To Build Cheap Home Bars

If you are looking to add an entertainment area to your home you may want to look into how to build cheap home bars. To build home bars cheaply you can use furniture or pieces that you already have. Using things you already have around your home can bring the cost of building a home bar down immensely. Old bookcases can be pushed together and backed by a single piece of plywood making it look like a single piece. When you look around for things you already own, the possibilities are endless.

To build a cheap home bars, you will need:

  • Old bookcases
  • Counter top- possible an old door, piece of plywood or other long solid piece of wood
  • Fasteners- screws, nails
  • Primer and paint
  • Paint brushes, rollers
  • Cordless drill
  • Saw
  • Scrapper, sand paper
  1. Gather all your supplies. Before you begin building you want to gather all your supplies. To build a bookcase bar, you should have at least 2-four shelf book cases. An old door or piece of plywood that is 2×8 make great cheap counter tops for a bar.
  2. Building. When making a cheap bar out of bookcases, the building is easy. Secure bookcases by screwing them together. Attach the top by screwing from underneath. Run the screws through the top of the bookshelf and into the counter top. This will hide the screws and leave a smooth surface on top. You can put a piece of plywood across the back of the bookcases to give a more uniform look, but this isn’t necessary. The size of the plywood would depend on the size of your bookcases.
  3. Painting. Clean the surface of the areas to be painted. Use the scrappers to remove and loosen chipping paint. Lightly sand the entire surface to ensure the paint will adhere. Wipe down your new bar with a damp towel to remove all excess dust. Liberally apply a coat of primer. Let dry according to the directions on the back of the can. Using a roller or brush, apply the first coat of paint. You may luck out and only need one coat but chances are, you will need at least two. Repeat another coat if need.
  4. Stocking your bar. Once your cheap home bar is built, you need to stock it. Add all of your favorite drinks and glasses to the area. Pick up a couple bar stools and you are ready to go.
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