How To Build A Chopper Trike

Knowing how to build a chopper trike is not that difficult. The things that are actually required to make a chopper trike is a bit of ingenuity, a chopper, a couple of skills for operating the chopper and a pal with some spare time for you. Chopper trikes are three-wheeled choppers that allow to seat one or even two people. Many people love trikes simply because they offer enhanced stability, excellent smooth ride and improved capacity for luggage.

Things you will need to build a chopper trike:


 Wrench set (Crescent)


Mask for welding

Apron for welding

Floor jacks – 2

Metal stock (Steel)

Metallic lathe

Metal Sheet

Paint (color that you want)

Trailer wheels (with tires and light in weight)


Elevate the chopper using the jacks. Take out the wheel at the back. There are two castel nuts on both sides of the rear axle. Take them out first to take out the wheel. Slide the tire at the back a bit ahead slightly forward and then slide the chain from the sprocket. Now free the wheel at the back from the swinging arm. Pull out the axle from the hub and look at it closely. Decide the width of the trike, you can get the axle manufactured of the length of your choice. In general, assume that the trike will have the width that measures half of the length of the axle.

Decide on the length of the axle that will be required to suit the decided dimensions of the chopper trike. You can reduce the length from the current axle and then use the same axle. Divide it by two and this will get you the required length of the axle.

The axle now should be welded with the current axle to start the functional part of the chopper trike. Using the lathe, chip off some steel in order to match up the width of the current axle. Now remove the steel by cutting it to go with the length required. Weld every piece of the steel to the edge of the axle.

Weld the hubs of the wheel to the sides of the newly made axle. Locate the swing arm and slide the new axle on it. Use a spanner to put the castle nuts tightly. Attach the chain back over the sprocket. Join the two wheels of the trailer to the edges of the axle. Slide the two wheels over the hubs of the wheels. There are lug nuts which need to be secured properly. You have the choice of leaving the chopper trike just the way it has been assembled or you can attach fenders on the two rear wheels.

Bend the metallic sheet on the tires. Bolt them with the frame when you build the chopper trike. The last step is to paint with a color that you like the most. Test the chopper trike to check if it is functioning properly.

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