How To Build A Cigar Cabinet

Do you want to know how to build a cigar cabinet? Cigars must be stored in a specially stable environment, where humidity and temperature do not fluctuate. Considering that the cabinet will be inside a house, we can assume that the temperature is going to remain relatively the same. The one thing to worry about then is humidity. For that, there´s a special device, called an electronic humidifier. So let's get started.


  • An air tight box (it can be of any given material, size and shape, as long as it does not leak.
  • Spanish cedar (enough to cover the inside of the box)
  • An electronic humidifier
  1. Cover the inside walls of the box, the floor and the top included, with Spanish cedar. This particular species is the one of choices because it is beneficial on three different levels: it acts as a moisture buffer, it gives the cigars a fine scent and it does not bend or twist with higher moisture.
  2. Install the electronic humidifier. It must be in an easily accessible part of the box for easy reading of the display and cartridge refill. Electronic humidifiers can be found in a wide range of prices and features, and they ensure that your cigar cabinet maintains a constant air humidity of 70 percent.
  3. Make sure that the box is air tight. You can test the box by checking on the humidifier's manufacturer's figures for cartridge use. Knowing the dimensions of your cigar box, you will be able to determine if the box is loosing or gaining moisture by exchanging air with the atmosphere.

While the process may seem simple, the determination of the size and location of the box is key to have a good cigar cabinet. If you decide to use a glass door, make sure the cigars are not reached by direct sunlight or excessive illumination. Also, try to keep the temperature at around 68°, as this is the lower point at which tobacco beetles can survive.

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