How To Build A Clay Tennis Court

You can learn how to build your own clay tennis court. Clay tennis courts are popular in Europe and South America. This type of tennis court requires more maintenance than the typical hard surface tennis courts found in the U.S. However, because clay tennis courts have a softer surface they are easier on your joints and muscles. 

You will need:

  • Clay material
  • Heavy roller
  • Measuring tape
  • line brush
  • stakes
  1. Measure the proposed space for the clay tennis court and mark the outside dimensions with stakes. A regulation tennis court is 36 feet wide by 78 feet long. You also need to make sure your have enough space outside the lines. An ideal amount of space for a single tennis court is 60 feet by 120 feet. You also need to make sure that the proposed area is level and on firm ground.
  2. Choose the type of clay that you want to use. There are three types of clay recognized by the U.S. Tennis Association: red clay, Har-Tru clay, and synthetic clay.
  3. Prepare the clay surface according the specifications of the clay type you are using. All clay courts have multiple layers that are composed of different materials. For example, a synthetic clay court is built on top of a pavement layer. Therefore, you might need professional help to prepare the surface depending on the clay type you have selected.
  4. Use the heavy roller to apply the final layer containing the clay type you have selected. 
  5. Maintain your clay court. Clay courts require a lot of maintenance. All types of clay surfaces need compacting with a heavy roller once a week. In addition, you should water the court to maintain the condition of the clay after play.



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