How To Build A Clothing Donation Bin At Work

Need to know how to build a clothing donation bin at work? A clothing donation bin is a great way to give back to your community, but you may not know how to build one, let alone place one in your workplace. There are many ways to help others while helping yourself gain a sense of satisfaction. Many people like to run marathons, raise money for causes, and volunteer. A great way for you to involve your coworkers in your quest of serving your community is buy setting up a clothing donation bin at work. Here are some ways to help your efforts become a success.

In order to build a clothing donation bin at work, you will need:

  • large box
  • decorating supplies
  • used or new clothing
  1. Check with your supervisor or manager before attempting to ask for donations. Most managers would be delighted to know that someone is trying to help a good cause, but there are always stipulations to everything in the workplace. Contact your boss and ask what you are allowed to do in terns of non-profit activities.  This will also get you noticed by your boss and help build your reputation.
  2. Find a suitable donation bin. The easiest way to build a donation bin is by using a large cardboard box. In order to encourage as many donations as possible, find a box that is large enough to hold objects such as refrigerators and office desks. Ask local businesses if they have any leftover boxes.
  3. Decorate your donation bin. Show your creative side by decorating your donation bin. Be sure to state the purpose of the bin, what can be donated, and who the clothes will be given to. This will help show your coworkers that you truly care.
  4. Place the bin in a high traffic area. Don't place your bin in an area like the storeroom in no one goes in there. Good places would be at the front door or in the office lounge if you have one. Be sure to let everyone know what you are doing.
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