How To Build Curio Shelves

Here are instructions for how to build curio shelves. When displaying your favorite Items, one handy way is to build curio shelves that you can hang on your wall, or set in a corner. Curio shelves can be as fancy or as simple as you want them to be. Once built, you can place them most anywhere you would want your displays to be seen.

When building your curio shelves, you will need:

  • One by six or one by eight board.
  • sheet of quarter inch plywood
  • Wood screws at least one and a half inches long
  • Skill Saw
  • Drill
  • Drill bit proper size for your wood screws (your screw box should have the size bit on the label)
  • speed square
  • Wood glue
  • small tack nails about three quarters long.
  • Measuring tape

Once you have all your supplies together, You need to figure what your going to display in the curio shelves. Were you are going to display the shelves? This will help you in your figuring how big of a shelf your going to need.

  1. Cut it up. Once you have your shelves in mind, it is time to start building your curio shelves. Taking in account the size of the area your going to display the curio shelves in, then using the skill saw, cut two equal lengths as tall as you want the curio shelves to be. Figure the width you want the shelves to be, as well as how many shelves your going to have in the unit. Cut the wood for the shelves remembering a one by board is actually only three quarters of an inch thick. Allow for the thickness of the sides in your figures. Cut one length of board for the bottom and the top if you are planing on using them In this shelf system. They are not necessary in this kind of shelf but they will offer more storage space.
  2. Drill your pilot holes. Because of the thickness of the boards, you must drill the holes for the screws before you fasten the sides and shelves together to prevent splitting of the wood. Mark the location of the shelves on both side pieces. Hold one shelf in position to the side. Checking for flushness, drill your screw holes though the side and into the shelf. Repeat for each shelf, as well as top and bottom, and with both sides.
  3. Glue and screw. Your ready to put your curio shelves together. Place a small bead of glue along the edge of your first shelf. Holding it in place, screw the shelf to the side using the pilot holes your drilled in the last step. Snug it up good, but not to tight as to split the side of your shelving. Repeat this with all shelves, top and bottoms. Once one side is fastened, Repeat with the other side, except glue the shelves in place all at once. Wipe the excess glue off once your done screwing your shelves together.
  4. Back it up. Once you have your unit together, it is good to put a good backing on it. This is not necessary, and if your hanging your curio shelves, it may add extra weight to the shelves. If using good anchor in your wall or mounting it directly to studs in your wall, It can support it with out a problem though. Place your shelf on the quarter inch plywood and trace the shelves out. Cut the board just shy of the back of your shelves. Than making sure the shelves are square, tack the backing to the shelves. You can use the glue as well to make a stronger hold.

You now have built your curio shelves. Place them in your corner, or on the wall. Stand back and enjoy your work. You can dress them up with paint, stain, some molding for effect, and even glass and or doors. There is no limit as to what you can do with them from this point. Let your imagination wonder and dress up your curio shelves so they match the rest of your decor.

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