How To Build Custom Bicycles

Learning how to build custom bicycles can not only save you a lot of money for close transportation, but also bring you the sense of pride and joy that a do-it-yourself project provides. Furthermore, you can enjoy that special sense of ownership in your custom-built bicycle. There is no doubt a high-performance bicycle can run you up to anywhere from $600 to over $1,000. By building custom bicycles, you can save anywhere from 40% to 60%. This article intends to share a small part of the techniques of building custom bicycles.

  1. Select a style. There are so many styles of bicycles in the world of professional and semi-professional cycling. You may want to select one of them before you begin the building process.
  2. Make the measurements. Unless you already know the perfect bicycle size that fits you, you need to take detailed measurements of yourself. You need the proper tools for this process. A bicycle measuring frame is recommended. If you do not have one, or do not want to invest some money in buying one, you can probably pay your local bicycle shop to take the measurement for you. This is the first and the most crucial step in building custom bicycles.
  3. Draw a blueprint of your custom bicycle. You can either draw it yourself or rely on a computer program that will aid you in drawing the blueprint of your custom bicycle.
  4. Select your preferred material. Depending on your needs and riding history, you need to select the best material to build your bicycle. You should also factor in the price difference versus the usability, such as aluminum verses titanium.
  5. Use a local bicycle shop. If you are not so handy, or just do not have the proper tools, you may want to consider using a professional bicycle builder. There are many local bicycle shops that would build a custom bicycle for you. The process of building will be explained to you, and you will be selecting the styles and materials that you desire.

Make sure you select a bicycle shop that will make or assemble the custom bicycle in-house. Otherwise, they probably have no idea how to do it, and are just taking orders for the large manufacturers.

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