How To Build A Custom Lowrider

If you want a car with a lot of personality, then it's good to know how to build a custom lowrider. A lowrider is a car whose suspension has been modified. They ride very low to the ground.

When deciding how to build a custom lowrider, you will need:

  • Jacks and stands
  • Suspension kit
  • After-market rims and tires
  • Custom paint
  1. When deciding how to build a custom lowrider, the first thing you will need to do is purchase a suspension kit. Hydraulics will make your car bounce. Air rods will allow you to adjust the height by making it go up and down.
  2. Install the suspension kit on your ride. Depending on the kit you choose, it can sometimes be extremely labor intensive. Be prepared.
  3. Add aftermarket rims and tires to your car. Another part of learning how to build a custom lowrider involves changing the rims and tires. This is due to the fact that the height of the vehicle has been altered.
  4. Custom paint your new lowrider. Anyone working on how to build a custom lowrider should know  they are never complete without a new custom paint job. Choose what you like and make it yours.
  5. After figuring out how to build a custom lowrider, learn the different controls on it. Learn what the different levers and controls do. It's an all new adjustable suspension system, so get used to it.
  6. Learn how to drive your lowrider. After learning how to build a custom lowrider, and doing so, you will then need to learn how to drive it. Going over bumps, and through parking lots will be much different then you are used to.

Tips/Warnings: Check your state and cities ordinances. Each will have different limits on how low a vehicle is able to go. Don't attempt to drive the lowrider like a normal vehicle if you are not used to the new suspensions.


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