How To Build A Custom Subwoofer Box

Anyone who wants to give a personal spin to their speakers will want to know how to build a custom subwoofer box. There are a couple of things to keep in mind whenever you want to build your very own subwoofer box. One of those things is what size the manufacturer recommends the enclosure boxes to be. The box volume should state how large your enclosure should be for the performance of the subwoofer. Also keep in mind how much space you have in your car.

A few things you'll need for this project are:

  • Wood
  • Measuring tape
  • Jigsaw
  • Subwoofer
  • Wood glue
  • Silicon caulk
  1. You are going to need to determine the width, height and depth of the box. To determine the depth of the box, measure the length of your subwoofer and add two inches.
  2. To determine the height of your subwoofer, measure the frame diameter of your woofer.
  3. Now that you've taken your measurements of the subwoofer and the area you plan to putting it in, you should sketch out the box itself.
  4. Determine the internal dimensions of your box. Simply subtract the thickness of the wood you will be using for your subwoofer box from the width, depth and height measurements that you recorded earlier. 
  5. You should use this formula to determine internal volume: height x width x depth = cubic volume. If you're making a wedge box, you have to add both depth measurements together then divide by two. Once that is complete, convert the cubic inches to cubic feet.
  6. Take a minute to look over your sketches and compare them to the manufacturer's suggested dimensions. If the measurements are off, make a small adjustment to make them correct. Most of the time manufacturers will have a suggested range of enclosure volumes. Try to keep inside of this range.
  7. After you have made small changes to the dimensions, it's time to add back the thickness of the wood you subtracted earlier while you were determining the internal volume. Check again to make sure the extra space that has been added will still fit in your vehicle.

Now let's more onto constructing your custom subwoofer box.

  1. Start by cutting and measuring the main pieces of the box.
  2. After you cut the top, bottom and sides of your box you should use the subwoofer as a guide to where to trace the opening of the box. Cut a hole near the inside of the circle you just traced.
  3. Cut out the subwoofer hole. Make a rectangular hole in the back panel of the box to hold the terminal cup. Run some silicon caulk around the edge of the opening of the terminal cup hole. Screw the terminal cup in place.
  4. Screw all sides of the box together and glue them with carpenter's glue. The glue going to hold the box together, so feel free to use a lot of it.
  5. Once it's dry make sure your subwoofer fits inside of the box. If the subwoofer fits, mark with a pencil where you're going to drill holes to fasten the subwoofer to the box.
  6. Use silicon caulk around all of the edges of the box. Wait twelve to 24 hours before you screw in your subwoofer.
  7. Before you screw in your subwoofer, make sure you hook it up to the terminal cup. Your subwoofer box is complete.
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