How To Build Deer Hunting Blind

As a hunter, knowing how to build a deer hunting blind can be vital. A hunter can actually buy a hunting blind, but a basic one could cost several hundred dollars. The fact is that a simple, effective, and sustainable functioning hunting blind can be built for a fraction of the cost charged by stores. Building a hunting blind can also be a good project for the family or as an introduction for a young hunter into the hunting world.

To build a deer hunting blind you will need:

  • Four large wood slabs
  • Nail gun and nails
  • One large wood slab (optional for roof)
  • Camouflage tarp cut to fit the size of the blind
  • Tape Measure
  • Circular saw
  • Hinges
  1. Plan the setting and size for your deer hunting blind. It is always best to know the deer trails and the legally available locations for you to place your blind. After you have chosen a location ,you will need to determine the size. The size of the blind can easily be determined based on two simple factors. The first factor is whether you would like to be able to stand in your blind. The second factor is whether you will be the only hunter utilizing the deer hunting blind. Make your measurements accordingly, and head to the hardware store.

  2. Cut the plywood and tarp. To save yourself time, go ahead and order the plywood from a hardware store such as Lowe's or Home Depot. There are two reasons for this. The first is that most locations of these stores will cut the lumber for you for free, saving you the time and energy of cutting it yourself. The second reason is that if you want this blind to last more than a few weeks, then you may want to consider buying higher quality materials. Remember that one of the wall slabs will need to have a doorway. Have the doorway cut but keep the door cut out. You will need it later.

  3. Go to your site and put the blind together. You can, of course, drive the finished blind to the site but if you have the option to build it on site it does save time. Lay one of the wood slab walls down and place a second on the side to form a ninety degree angle. Using your nail gun and nails, connect the sides. Repeat this until you have completed a box. Set the box with the open bottom to the ground and open top facing the sky.

  4. Attach the door. Use the hinges and attach the door to the blind. It is best to put the door on the side facing away from the hunting field. Connect the hinges to the door and then to the hunting blind wall creating the doorway. You may want to attach a cheap handle but this is of course optional.

  5. Attach the roof. If you decided to have a roof on the blind, then go ahead and attach the lumber roof by laying it flat on the deer hunting blind box and nailing it into place with the nail gun and nails. If you decided not to have a roof, then move to the next step. It should be noted that the advantage to having a roof is a darker blind and the possibility of making yourself less noticeable to the deer.

  6. Attach your tarp. Now that the hunting blind is finished, you will need to hide it. Take your camouflage tarp and drape it over the top of the blind. Even out the tarp so that all four walls of the deer hunting blind are hidden and nail the tarp in place. You are now finished and can begin deer hunting with your new blind.


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