How To Build Deer Hunting Box Blinds

Building your own deer hunting box blinds is a simple endeavor that requires only minimal hand tools.  In fact the entire project can be completed without electric hand tools.  So only a list of the bare essentials will be provided for building the deer hunting box blinds.  If you want to substitute power tools you own then please feel free to do so.  Here is the short list of tools and materials needed.

  • Hand Saw
  • Tape Measure
  • Screw Driver
  • Hammer
  • Carpenters Pencil
  • Straight Edge (Yard stick or 4' level)
  • 6 4'x8' sheets of vertical siding
  • 4 8'  2×4's
  • 2 12' 2×4's
  • 4 sheets of 2'x8' corrugated roofing( I prefer a darker non see through type)
  • Flat Black Paint
  • 2" long wood screws

Now lets get started building the deer hunting box blind.

  1. Start building the deer hunting box blind by cutting out the front back and sides of the box.  Start by cutting two sheets of the vertical siding to a length of 6' and label those as the front.  Then cut two sheets of the vertical siding to a length of 5' and label these as the back.  With the remaining two sheets, cut them on an angle so that one side is 6' long and the other is 5' long.  Be careful when you cut these final two pieces that you have them turned appropriately so that the siding will be facing out for each respective side.  Label them as left and right sides.
  2. The next step in building the deer hunting box blind is cutting the framing to the appropriate length.  From the 12' 2×4's, cut two 2×4's to a length of 5' 5" and two to a length of 4' 5". 
  3. Now it's time to start putitng the pieces of the deer hunting box blind together.  Start by placing the 8' 2×4's parallel on the ground about 6' apart to their outer edges.  Lay the two pieces of vertical siding across the 2×4's.  Attach the siding to the 2×4's with the wood screws so that you have a 8'x6' rectangle.  Do the same with the other two 2×4's and the pieces of siding you labeled as the back.  Now turn the front and back sections over and attach the shorter upright sections at each side of the rectangles.  The 5' 5" 2×4's are for the front and the 4' 5" 2×4's are the uprights for the back.
  4. This is a good time to put a window and a door in your deer hunting box blind.  I generally cut a couple of windows in the side sections and the front. About 1' x 3' is plenty.  You can experiment with this as you may find a different size works better for you.  Don't forget to cut an opening in the back wall for a door.  Make the opening just big enough you can easily get in and out.
  5. Now it's time to paint the sections of your deer hunting box blind.  Use the flat black paint and put a heavy coat inside all of the walls.  This will help to create a dark interior that will better hide you and your movements inside the deer hunting box blind.  Next–and this is optional–you may want to paint the exterior portion of the walls in a camouflage pattern using what ever colors appeal to you or are appropriate for the terrain you are hunting.
  6. It's now time to set up your deer hunting box blind.  This is a wonderful modular design as that should already be obvious.  Load the pieces of the deer hunting box blind into your truck.  Don't forget the 4 pieces of 8' corrugated roofing.  When you get to the location you want to set the blind up at, simply stand the front up and stand a side up next to it.  Line the two pieces up and screw them together.  Proceed by attaching the rest of the walls in the same manner.  when finished, place the corrugated roofing on top and attach it with the screws as well.  And that's it, you now have a deer hunting box blind set up and ready to use.
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