How To Build A Dog Pen

It's best to learn how to build a dog pen before finding out too late that you have an unfaithful pup. The cops tend to look unkindly upon owners who let their dogs roam the streets unleashed. Keeping your pet in a dog pen is the best way to avoid paying a fine for a loose dog. It also keeps your dog from wreaking havoc with your wife's cat. Yes, it's an unfair world where your dog has to stay in the pen and the cat can roam free in the house, but it's better than kicking the dog out completely.

To build a dog pen, you will need:

  • Fencing
  • A shovel
  • Measuring tape
  • A canopy
  1. Go to your local hardware store and purchase some fencing. Make sure it's tall enough to accommodate your dog. In other words, if you own a Great Dane, you're going to need an appropriately tall fence. Of course, smaller dogs can get by on three, six or ten-foot installments.
  2. Pick a spot on your lawn for the pen. Understand that wherever you build a dog pen, there will be plenty of dog poop and urine inside, so don't install it near your wife's flower beds or in sniffing range of the deck or patio.
  3. Mark out an area for the pen. If the dog is a big breed, he will need lots of room to run. If it's a small dog, a six-foot radius should be sufficient. You can build a dog pen in a square, rectangular or circular shape.
  4. Dig an area around the perimeter to put the fence. Make sure you dig deep enough that the fence will stay in without blowing over.
  5. Insert the fence into the shoveled area. Pad the shoveled dirt back around the fencing to keep it in place.
  6. Be sure to give your dog some shade. Either build a canopy over the top of the dog pen or install the dog pen underneath a big, shady tree.
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