How To Build A Double Bull Hunting Blind

Every once in a while, you may get lucky enough to get a bull tag with one of your hunting buddies, in which case you will want to know how to build a double bull hunting blind. When setting up a blind for two hunters, it is important to make certain that each of you have as much range as possible without overlapping each other. You need to have room to move your weapons safely in a double hunting blind. Although there are more complicated blinds, it is easy to make a blind from available materials in the woods.

To build a double bull hunting blind, you will need:

  • A downed tree or small hill in an area elk frequent during your hunting season. In dry years, setting up near water is ideal.
  • Branches. leaves, and bushes
  • Netting if there is not enough available brush


  1. Set up your blind far in advance of hunting season. The elk will get used to seeing your hunting blind and it will not spook them. Begin by setting branches against the tree or hillside to make the outline of the structure. Stack the branches securely, forming a tripod-like structure with your tree or hill as one side. After you have the bones of the structure, being covering your blind with small branches with leaves still attached. If your hunt is in the winter, reinforce the structure later with brush and evergreen branches. 
  2. Make several small shooting and viewing holes on each side of your double bull hunting blind. You want enough room so that each of you can face different sides of the blind. One hunter should be able to look East and South, for instance, and one West and North. Pay attention to your background, light coming from behind can make your movements inside the blind obvious to the elk.
  3. Set up inside with your backs to each other and your shooting holes within easy reach and range. Wear extra warm clothing and socks, because sitting still makes you very cold. Camp stools or chairs help you keep warm by circulating air underneath you. Take some coffee and snacks and enjoy your hunt.
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