How To Build Elevated Hunting Blinds

Are you a hunter and need to know how to build elevated hunting blinds? Hunting blinds are used in hunting to keep humans out of the sight of deer. Many hunters use hunting blinds on he ground. However, an elevated hunting blinds are great for hunters that love to hunt from the air. Read on to learn how to build elevated hunting blinds.

  1. Many hunters will already have their tree stand up. So all that will be left is adding the blind. Choose the hunting blind of your choice from a local sporting goods stores. 
  2. Once you have picked out the blind, you will need to install the blind.  Unpack the hunting blind and read directions carefully. Be sure all of the materials you need are with the blind.
  3. Once you read the direction,s it is time to install. Carry all items to the tree stand you will be installing the blind around. You may have to make a couple trips up and down the stand until you have everything up in the tree stand you need. For the tree stand blind you will only need the cover.
  4. Next, wrap cover around the tree stand. Start behind the tree stand wrap the blind around to the front of the stand. Be sure to cover the entire front of the  stand.
  5. Now you are ready to secure in place. Using Velcro straps, secure wrap as needed under the rails of the stand. Do the same in front until the entire blind is secure.  Climb inside and zip up.

This is a very simply way to create an elevated hunting blind. 

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