How To Build A Fence

For those wishing to save a little cash, learning how to build a fence is an easy task. There are hundreds of variations in fence types to choose from. Be sure to pick the fence type that will best serve your needs.

Items needed:

  • Tape measure
  • Fencing material (chain link, wood, wire, etc.)
  • Posts
  • Posthole digger
  • Quikrete post concrete (optional)
  • Staples, nails or fence clips (to attach fence to poles)
  • Gates and hardware
  • Wood sealant (optional)
  • Paint brush (optional)
  1. Measure the distance of the fence you wish to install. Most fencing is sold by the foot. The height of the fence will also affect the cost of the fencing.
  2. Purchase the materials required to complete your project. Get enough posts to set them about ten to twelve feet apart. If building a wood fence, remember to purchase sealant and paint brushes.
  3. Dig the post holes. Mix concrete if setting poles in concrete. Set posts and allow the concrete to set for at least twenty-four hours before attaching fencing. If using T-posts, no post holes need to be dug. Just use T-post driver to drive the T-posts into the ground.
  4. Attach fencing to posts. If building a chain link fence, stretch the fence tight between posts using a piece of pipe or rebar the same height as the fence (the bar gets woven in and out of the fence to provide a uniform tension).
  5. Add gates. A gate is necessary to provide access to the fenced area.


  • Pouring a cement footer after the posts have been placed prior to adding the fencing will ensure that pets will have to dig a tunnel to get out of the yard. Few pets will persist in tunneling.
  • If using wood fencing, apply a sealant to protect the life of your fence.
  • If building an electrical fence, make sure to post notification of electrical current in a prominent place.
  • It is possible to purchase sections of fence that come ready to attach to the fence pole.
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