How To Build Finger Strength For Climbing

Learn how to build finger strength for climbing is as easy as following these simple steps. While a lot of people hates training, but it is nonetheless very necessary. However, you may not have to train hard, you just need to train smart. There is no reason that you have to distinguish your fun time for training time. Therefore, we want to show you how you can build finger strength for climbing in these easy and simple ways.

  1. Use a stress balls. There are not just balls that you can squeeze when you are stressed out, you can also use them for building finger stress. Alternatively, you can use tennis balls as well to squeeze. Just make sure that you place a greater emphasis of power on the fingers. These exercises are cheap, easy, and fun.
  2. Lifting weights can also be very helpful. If you are going to the gym and lifting weights already, then you can incorporate building finger strength for climbing into your daily routine. All you need to change is using a thicker bar when lifting. That will put greater stress on the fingers when you lift while your arm should still feel the same weight.
  3. Push up with your fingers. This method is going to be harder for some folks. If you are capable to do push ups for more than 10 times in a row, then you should try to use all your fingers when you are doing push up instead. It is not always going to be easy, but overtime you should be able to do it.
  4. Play a music instrument. Music instruments that use a lot of finger strength, such as piano and guitar, can also help you building finger strength for climbing. Guitar is generally considered a cheap way to play an instrument, as you can get a cheap but decent guitar for under $100.
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