How To Build A Fire Pit

There is just something about fire that appeals to the most basic emotions which is why you want to learn how to build a fire pit. Images of men, women and children from thousands of years ago gathered around an open fire come to mind. Fire still provides comfort and survival even in the modern world and knowing how to build a fire pit will enable you to be able to enjoy your own outdoor fires anytime you want.

In order to make the fire pit, you will need:

  • Metal or wooden stake
  • String
  • Shovel
  • Pea gravel
  • Regular sand
  • Concrete pavers. The exact number depends on the size used
  1. The first part involved with how to build a fire pit is to find a good spot, one that isn't close to buildings, trees, or anything that could catch fire from an ember. Level locations are ideal, but a very slight slope won’t prove to be difficult to work around. Check with all local utilities before starting to know where any underground wires, cable or pipes are located.
  2. Start by driving your wooden or metal stake into the ground where the fire pit is to go. Then tie a piece of string to the stake and tie the other end to something like a stick or nail, and at a distance of 1 1/2 to two feet away from the stake depending on how big you want the fire pit to be.
  3. Pull the string tight, scratch the stick or nail into the ground, and make form a circle all around the stake. You can then mark the circle with paint, flour, or even chalk.
  4. Dig out all of the dirt inside the circle, to a depth of about one foot. Take care to keep the sides of the fire pit as straight as possible. In the very center of the fire pit, dig another hole that is either six to eight inches square and about twelve inches deep.
  5. Fill in the pit with the pea gravel, filling the entire hole in the center of the fire pit, and the remaining circle with four inches of the gravel. If the fire pit is located on a slope, the pea gravel can level the bottom having more on one side than the other. The reason for using pea gravel is it will drain out the fire pit, with the hole in the center acting as a pump to draw in any water.
  6. Place roughly three inches of sand on top of the pea gravel. Sand prevents the fire from spreading to any plant roots that may be under the pit.
  7. Finally, build up at least two rows of the concrete pavers around the edge of the fire pit, stacked on top of each other. Not only does dry stacking the pavers in this manner makes it easy to replace any pavers that might eventually break, adhesive will melt and give off toxic fumes.
  8. Now that you know how to build a fire pit, get out to the home improvement store, get your supplies, get that fire pit put together, and as soon as this evening, you’ll be enjoying your very own fire pit.
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