How To Build A Fishing Boat

Before you learn how to build a fishing boat, you should know that you are up for a real challenge. With a ferrocement-hulled fishing boat you will need to create a hull framework out of wire mesh and some reinforcing rods. You will need to have skills in carpentry, pipe bending, tying steel, welding and concrete work, too. It is also important to put some forethought into your fishing boat and take a lot of time to prepare beforehand. 

In order to build a fishing boat, you will need:

  • A 6 mm reinforcing rod for the frames and the floors
  • A 16 mm reinforcing rod for the keel
  • A welding machine and the accessories that you need for operating it
  • 16 gauge wire ties
  • A wire-tying tool
  • Wire mesh for the anchor that measures 13 x 13 x 9
  • Cement and a cement mixer
  • Plaster sand
  • Planking for the seating and the decking that measures 1 x 10
  • Wood sealant
  • A circular saw so that you can cut the planking
  • Concrete nails so that you can install the planking
  • Marine plywood
  • Angle brackets so that you can mount the fish well to the deck
  • A hammer
  • Some nails
  • A silicone sealant
  1. Bend the six millimeter rod to form the frame for your fishing boat. Reinforce your fishing boat frame with an additional cross brace.
  2. Invert the frames on your fishing boat and make sure that they are evenly spaced. Use the welder to tack the keel to the frames. Use the sixteen gauge wire ties to tie the sheer bars and the sixteen millimeter keel into place on the fishing boat.
  3. Reinforce the stern so that it can hold the outboard motor’s weight. Weld an additional rod to the top of the stern. Add an additional six millimeter bar to the top in order to reinforce the bow. Use sixteen gauge wire ties to place the stringers from the six millimeter bar onto the sides, bow, stern and bottom of your fishing boat.
  4. Place the 13 x 13 x 19 gauge wire mesh over your stringers on both the inside and the outside of the hull. Tie this to the stringers, ribs, stern and bow at any point where the mesh either contacts or crosses a support or stringer. Use the sixteen gauge wire ties to do this. Now tie the inside mesh to the outside mesh every six inches. The armature part of your fishing boat is now complete.
  5. Mix the plaster, cement and water together thoroughly. Start with the inside of the fishing boat and apply ferrocement to the armature. When you are done with the inside, make sure that you do the outside. This will need to cure for 30 days. After 30 days are past, fill the hull halfway with water and check for leaks. Repair any leaks that you find.
  6. Apply wood sealant to the planking before adding the decking to the floor and the planking. Paint the plywood. Use the circular saw to cut the marine plywood and a hammer and nails to make a simple fish well or box for the fish that you catch. Seal this part of your fishing boat with silicone caulking. Use the angle brackets and concrete nails to attach the well to the decking. If you plan to build a fishing boat to do actual fishing with, you will want to mount a trolling motor and an outboard motor for your power sources.

As you work to build a fishing boat, remember to never use a dirty cement mixer. By mixing in pebbles and stones from a previous mixing you will cause there to be gaps and leaks in your hull. Be cautious whenever you use any of the tools that are needed for building a fishing boat.

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