How To Build A Folding Laundry Table

Why should you want to know how to build a folding laundry table? For starters, folding tables are expensive to purchase. They are also hard to find in a size that fits your specific room or space dimensions. Building a folding table as a do-it-yourself project is both a smart and economical idea.

Whether your laundry room is large with plenty of space, or small with very little space, there is a homemade building project just for you. Visit your library or bookstore for ideas from a home improvement book or magazine. Or make this simple folding laundry table using a single piano hinge.

To build a folding laundry, you will need:

  • Two pieces of wood cut to your dimensions
  • One piano hinge
  • One screwdriver and screws
  • One drill with drill bit and screwdriver bit
  • Folding table legs and hardware
  • Pencil, marker, or crayon


  1. Prepare the tabletop. Lay out all of the folding laundry table pieces, top-side up. Align the two pieces of wood so the ends are square. Leave a small gap between the wood pieces. Open the piano hinge over the wood pieces, allowing the round edge of the hinge to fill the gap. With a pencil, mark the center of the top and bottom hinge holes on both pieces of wood.
  2. Drill guide holes. Remove the hinge from the wood pieces. Drill four shallow guide holes into the wood. Use a drill bit that is smaller than the screws you will use for the project. The guide holes will help you install the hinge at the right place on the wood. Now you are ready to construct your folding laundry table.
  3. Attach the hinge. Start with the first piece of wood. Lay the hinge back in place, using the guide holes for assistance. Loosely tighten a screw in the first hole, using a screwdriver or a drill with a screwdriver bit. Repeat the process with the bottom guide to secure the bottom of the hinge. 
  4. Place and tighten all of the screws on one side of the hinge.
  5. Continue the process with the second piece of wood. Be careful not to tighten the screws too much or you will strip the holes. For best results, use a hand screwdriver to initially tighten the screws. When the hinge is attached, use the drill to tighten all the screws snugly in place.
  6. Attach the table legs. Your folding laundry table should open and close easily. Attach the purchased table legs to one side of your new tabletop. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly and construction. For added stability, you may wish to attach an additional removable leg on the folded side of the table. Your new folding laundry table is now complete and ready to use.
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