How To Build A Food Vendor Cart

A food vendor cart will be the perfect thing to build when starting or enhancing your food business. The profitability of food vendor carts makes it easier for your food to be advertised, and more importantly, tasted by the masses. There are businesses that will provide you with a food vendor cart, but if you want to customize and ensure the quality of your cart, you should build it yourself. Here are some methods you should consider before and during the construction of your food vendor cart.
In order to build a food vendor cart, you will need:
  • money
  • lumber
  • phone
  • appliances (vendor cart compatible)
  1. Determine what food you want in your cart. In order to know how to customize and enhance your food cart, you need to know what food you will be offering. Some foods may require constant heat or grilling. If you plan what foods you will be needing beforehand, you will always be prepared with sufficient equipment.
  2. Retrieve the necessary food and safety permits. Since you will be selling food, your state of residence will more than likely require you to apply for a business permit, food permit, catering license, or a combination of the three. You may have to go online and research what permits your state requires you to have as a food vendor. Visiting your local courthouse may also help. Even if some of these permits aren't necessary, having them will increase the trust your customers have in your business.
  3. Hire professionals to help with construction of the cart. Even though you won't be buying your cart from an outside source, it is a great idea to hire outside specialists to deal with matters such as equipment installation and electricity. A carpenter may also be necessary during the construction of the cart's frame. The exterior appearance of your cart is just as important as its interior.
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